6 Best Practices to Increase the Conversion Rate of Your Ecommerce Store

Ecommerce is growing everyday making the competition fiercer. Every online store is fighting for sales so it is important to incorporate some techniques into your business to ensure a higher conversion rate. We have listed six practices than can help turn more website visits into sales.

1. Visually Entice the Customer

Online shoppers place great importance on product images and make their decision based on them. Therefore, all visual imagery should be creative and artsy. Try using larger product images which inspire the audience to take action.

However, some images have a negative impact on conversion rates therefore the pictures should be selected with the utmost care.

2. Make the Check-out Process User-friendly

Most online shoppers are likely to abandon their cart prior to checking out. The check-out process is crucial to the conversion rate. It should be simple and effective.

Another way to recapture lost customers is by asking for a valid email address. This will help reach them and remind them of the great items they had added to their shopping carts. However, there should be an option for guest check-outs as well because some customers prefer not to give out their email address.

3. Add Videos of the Product

Videos work better than images as they demonstrate how the product works. Customers are more attracted to professionally shot and edited videos. They can view the item from all angles before they buy it. Do not miss out on conversion opportunities just because you have no interactive videos on your online store.

4. Offer Free Shipping

You have no idea how much of a difference shipping costs make to customers. Free shipping is the best strategy to incentivize sales. It is also a great way to retain customers. If your store offers free shipping, then mention it clearly.

 5. One Product at a Time

Each page on your online store should be dedicated to a certain type of product. If you showcase all types of products will overwhelm the customer and make them leave without buying anything.

6. Ask Customers to Leave a Review

More than half the online shoppers read reviews before buying something. Therefore, a surefire way to increase conversion rate is to ask customers to leave honest reviews. Customers trust other customers and they’ll more likely buy something if it was recommended by another user. You could offer shoppers incentives for leaving a review.