9 Quick Ways to Increase Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate

How to Convert Your Visitors into Active Shoppers

Are you an online seller? If yes, then you probably know that attracting visitors to your website is probably the most challenging part. It can be a daunting and expensive process at the same time. However, this is something that you must do, in order to make your website successful and make some profit on the side.

There is another problem – you may attract visitors to your website, but your visitors are not active buyers. This means that you are missing out great opportunities to make money and build a base of loyal customers.

There is a solution that can help you overcome these problems – Increase your conversion rate. By increasing your conversion rate you will experience a huge difference in the number of visitors you have on your website and you will be able to convert those visitors into active shoppers.

So, how to increase your e-commerce conversion rate?

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  1. Reinforce your E-commerce Site’s Security – Work hard enough until you eliminate and get rid of any fear a potential visitors may have when checking out your website and planning to buy something. However, make sure not to overdo your security factors as you will accomplish an unwanted result.
  2. Present Shipping Promotions near CTAS – Expensive shipping is one of the reasons why visitors may abandon your website. If you offer free shipping, make sure to present it as clear as possible. By displaying the shipping options near the CTA you will manage to reduce any visitor fear or doubt about purchasing from you.
  3. Allow Different Payment Options – Probably, most of the customers will choose to pay with a credit card. But, there are customers who will prefer to pay with PayPal instead. You need to satisfy your customers by allowing different payment options.
  4. Add More Photos of Your Products – You need to keep in mind that the visitors cannot touch or feel the products, so you need to be able to present your products in the best way possible. After all, the customers should know what they are buying.
  5. Improve the First-Time Purchase Experience – If you want to improve your first-time purchase experience you’ll have to give your customer a good reason why he or she should shop from you. You can provide your new customers with coupons they can use for their first purchase.
  6. <emDon’t Make Customers Do Extra Work – If you make your customers do extra work such as entering the same information twice and etc. you will make your customers leave your site.
  7. Compare the Competition – You need to ensure your customers that your products are better and that buying from you is the right thing to do. To avoid any problems, compare the competition’s site before you lose your customers. Be always a step ahead.
  8. Use Live Chat – Having a live chat on your website will increase the trust and confidence your customers have in you. E-commerce stores that use a live chat usually experience from 10 to 30% increase in conversions.
  9. Get Rid of Distractions – Make sure to get rid of all information, content, or flashy functions that are not necessary. You’ll only confuse your visitors!

We can ensure you that e-commerce conversions can be increased by implementing these 9 tactics!

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